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Sales-driven Digital Marketing Consultant in Dubai

If you’ve got a great product or service and your marketing is letting you down then you’ve come to the right place. Check my digital marekting agency in dubai

Digital Marketing Consultant in Dubai


How I increased the appointments for a car dealer by more than 690% in 6 months

The sad truth about digital marketing:

Being a digital marketing consultant in Dubai for many years, I believe that never before in the history of marketing has it been possible for businesses to spend a couple of hundred dollars and get instant access to an enormous audience. With digital marketing, you can do exactly that.

This is phenomenal

…Yet many businesses are not getting the results they want.

But why is that?

Well, aside from not doing marketing at all OR not training their team to sell and provide an outstanding customer service, I see two main reasons;

First, they choose to take a shortcut in marketing and that is a DIRECT SALE which, by the way, could work at the beginning but not for a long time so that excitement won’t last…I am sure that you’ve experienced this if you were lucky.

Second, they work with marketers who believe in “write a great content -> publish it on social media -> send it to your email list” and…eventually…you will get results. Well, this is called spray and pray, so good luck with that. Unfortunately, digital marketing is not that easy…

Doing digital marketing the right way:

Marketing your business should be systematic and connected.

Systematic in the sense of planning your content and offerings through an integrated sales funnels that will be tailor-made for each segment of your target audience; i.e. PERSONAS. Your content should have a mean to an end…it should follow a sequence that we call a funnel

…And connected in the sense that your marketing agency or consultant should FULLY dive in your products/services, as well as, your selling process starting from the moment your prospect initiates a contact with your business…Otherwise, how are you going to trust an agency to promote your business when they don’t understand how you work?

So ask yourself this question…How often my agency shows up to learn about my business? Once a month? If so, then you’re working with the wrong people

In fact, using the above formula has always helped me successfully exceed the expectations of my clients as a digital marketing consultant.

One of my automotive clients was stuck at 20 to 25 appointments per month. Learning more about their selling process and building up a sales funnel based on that made a big leap for their revenue pipeline. Now, we are hitting 190 appointments easily…That’s more than 690% increase in appointments in 6 months

If you agree with my thoughts and feel that you’re in a real need for help to grow your sales with a person who doesn’t only get marketing but also how business works then let’s connect.

Also, I worked hard to build the best SEO company in Dubai through creating detailed processes, worksheets that you can rarely see in the agency market. With SEO comes the upiquitous PPC, so you can count on us as your PPC agency in Dubai as well.

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